sophie francis

Expanding Univers Conference



This brief called for a designed provocation for a DINZ one day conference on the topic of Expanding Univers - The Future of Typography in Design. I chose to talk about how contemporary artists and designers are breaking traditional typographic practises and how this, in turn, is evolving the graphic design as we know it today. I communicated this through using a mixed media, illustrative, neo-dada style of design that directly juxtaposes the clean, autonomous attributes of the Univers typeface.


Today consumers are constantly looking for the next big trend and want to stay ahead of the design game. My poster and brochure and other touch points enable the viewer to identify with the joke of Expanding Univers, as if to let go of known typography such as Univers, and move on to more progressive and unique typefaces. There is a humorous correlation between the imagery and meaning behind the conference title which appeals to the design community.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 1.29.15 PM.png
Excerpt from process sketchbook.

Excerpt from process sketchbook.